i saw a bald eagle perched in a tree

Bald eagles are one of my spirit animals- presenting themselves to me from time to time. sometimes over the rocky crags in Cape Breton and other times right outside my window, fishing in Lake Champlain or perched in a tree. By far the closest encounter i have had with one of these majestic and beautiful birds was in my bed when in a dream an eagle flew into the room and perched on the bureau and lovingly, but kind of sternly, looked me over. after a while the eagle flew out of the room and back into the night.

Years ago i bought a deck of cards so that i could have them read to me by a psychic friend. my cards are a deck with the image and story of the North American Bald Eagle printed on them. i’m not sure why, but when i was looking around for a deck, they are the ones that appeared to me. It reads like this: American Expedition: “Looking out from an autumn hilltop, you may witness the stirring vastness not only around you, but inside your soul as well.” and…..”Let your passion for adventure and discovery be matched only by your thirst for knowledge and understanding.”

Once, when I taught first grade, the children and I were studying birds and there was an intense curiosity about eagles. The size of the eagles nest seemed impossible for the children to comprehend so I challenged them to build one in the front of the classroom. It took weeks for them to gather the wood and make the mud and find cushioning materials for nesting in order to replicate a 5 foot wide by 4 feet deep nest. That thing had some weight to it too. I tell you what, that giant nest sitting there in the front of the classroom caused some excitement. Its presence also generated a great deal of reverence from everyone, particularly from the children as they admired it and sometimes curled up in there, appreciating the vastness of It All.

Lesson 23 in A Course in Miracles and Monday morning eagle musings; such a lovely way to begin the week. In case you are curious about the bald eagle and wonder about them here are some facts: bald eagles are members of the eagle family, including hawks, kites, harriers and Old World vultures. The bald eagle is the the only eagle unique to North America. They can be found over most of the continent including Alaska and the lower 48 states. They follow seasonal food supplies and when paired for mating, the eagles remain together for life. Until one dies, neither eagle will accept a different mate. So there humans; somethings relatable about a profoundly beautiful creature on this fine morning.

And Lesson 23? Essentially this: You can escape the world you see by giving up your attacking thoughts. Wouldn’t that be liberating? Peace to you, whoever and wherever you are.

PS to spirits: Shout out from me to Tina Louise Spaulding, whose work and courage inspire me daily.

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