quite a morning here on my little island. woke up to a multitude of stars lighting the morning sky, a purple sunrise, strong coffee, perfect eggs, a lesson in miracles, followed by beautiful and intense memories of an old friend that passed a while back. being washed over in feelings of intense love is an awesome way to begin any day and today is an exceptional start to a day.

my friend, Rob, was a lover of life and many things and i am writing about him here today because he is strongly present in the sunrise and the songs i find myself spontaneously humming. to be even clearer, Rob loved John Denver’s voice and music and years ago, one cool June evening, Rob picked my friend and i up at the Honolulu airport with jasmine lei’s and then, piping JD over the speakers in his car, windows open, he drove through the hills to his house and we were all singing Country Roads in perfect harmony. that’s a “welcome” to remember. so this morning, when for absolutely no conscious reason what-so-ever i began singing “Today”, and “Perhaps Love”, i say “hi Rob”! thanks for visiting me today and enjoying this beautiful sunrise with me. and thanks for reminding me of the unstrained mercy and wholesomeness of friends, love, good times and creation.

mahalo e lo’u hoa…aloha nut ia ‘oe i ka lani mai ka lani xoxo.

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