abundant passion

if you’re like me, you are called to do a lot of things in life. some out of necessity and others out of passion. it’s radical when the two converge.

one thing i have been doing for many, many years is mentoring other professional educators. from teaching in the academy to having connections to folks in the field. i love this particular form of teaching, this genre, if you will. it’s a place where my mentees and I [we] can practice having “better” conversations which is a coaching conversation. you talk up, not down. imagine practicing talking up like having a conversation is an athletic event. this is kind of an exhilarating blast. recently i met with other mentors and we practiced an exercise where you are challenged to talk, nonstop, for two minutes. thank you, jim knight.

happy birthday, neighbor

pro-tip: if you’re going to talk nonstop for two minutes you better have something you feel passionately about so that you can express it with all the positivity that makes you love it ’cause if not, ya’ll die. talker and listeners. and two minutes is a whisper of time for talking about your passion!

(the creative force in you will just keep generating more words and the timer goes off and you’re like, what? i was just getting warmed up.)

teaching the next generation

pro-tip: you have to believe in abundance to have passions that transform you. not writing about ego-tripping here; writing about focusing on the things that when you talk about them bring you a clear sense of joy and come from a place of love.

for the blog record, i covered two topics in four minutes: cooking and golf. tapped into my solar plexus and took home the gold.

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