sun’s out

ray of sunshine

awesome! the sun did not get the memo from the collective and stressed out people to not shine bright today. sun’s out and it’s time for me to get my much needed vitamin d for divine. the sun is a powerful healer and illuminates and warms us apparently from the outside- guess what? it is nourishing us on the inside too…as beams of light and warmth connect to the crystal like energy centers within us and light us up within. i am imagining my body as a kind of transparent being, all the light shining in and out. last night in my meditation i picked up a beautiful purple and white crystal that was glowing and shining and reminded me that not all signs are tangible in the ordinary sense. sometimes we get what we need by looking inward, by being calm, by thinking loving thoughts (including about ourselves) and by putting our faces right square into the beams of radiant light that we have been trained to look away from. sun’s out. gonna go stick my face in it and give it a big kiss.

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