i am reminded

Good Morning

There is a single loon that visits this shore regularly. My neighbor is concerned that this loon has no partner, no mate, no friend. She worries about the loon. I think the loon is fortunate indeed to have chosen this place. It’s lovely, it’s peaceful, it is sacred. In fact, a lot of fish reside right out there and you’d be a wise loon indeed to choose this space to inhabit. I say to the lone loon who has been returning here for some time- Well done. I aspire to be as free range and intuitive as you. This morning a flock of golden eye ducks are swimming along the rocky beach. The wind is blowing cat’s paws across the top of the water. Leaves are falling and floating by. I am observing this through my window as the rain falls gently. This is a beautiful community to be alive in. We are never alone.

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